We have exclusive distribution prices for gun ranges, sporting goods stores, and online retailers, with flexible shipping, easy payment options, and fast delivery. The beauty of distributing our products is that your company would be buying from us factory direct, large orders can be filled in shorter times, and all the money you spend with us will go to growing a locally owned manufacturer, and not some European conglomerate. We produce ammunition for Americans made by Americans.

Please include the following in your distribution inquiry email:

-Federal Resale Tax ID (EIN #)
-State/County Business License
-FFL if applicable
-Company President's ID (Driver's License)
-legal business name
-business type (guns store/ gun range/ ammunition manufacturer, etc.)
-business address
-phone number of purchasing manager/owner

Please format your email subject like the example bellow:

Subject: Expansion Dealership Prices - INSERT COMPANY NAME

Please send all Dealership Inquires to: