Expansion Ammunition

Expansion Ammunition has been in business since 2013. To ensure that we manufacture the highest quality product that is both safe and consistent for the end shooter, we only manufacture new case products. We load on state of the art equipment that has a minimum of 10 inspection stations per cycle and then we hand-inspect every round after it comes off the line. We pride ourselves in making the finest ammunition not only in Texas but in the world. We service the retail sporting industry, law enforcement agencies, security firms, gun ranges, gun stores, and military personnel on a daily basis. We currently have the capacity to load over 1 million rounds a week on one shift in our factory in Texas. We are growing and we are looking for new people to partner with. We also moved our business to a much larger market to better service customers Nationwide and regionally. We are excited to call Texas our new home and look forward to our future growth.


2410 Luna Rd Suite 130,
Carrollton, TX 75006

Phone Number:

Local Calls: 469-480-7177
Nat. Calls: 469-480-7177